Especially for guys, the notion of using automatic cat litter boxes is especially attractive. However, automated cat litter boxes are a lot more costly than the typical manual litter box, generally costing at least $50 each. There is also a maintenance cost – some people report spending an extra $10 to $20 monthly buying replacement trays. These self cleaning litter boxes are not always suitable for cat litter training. Below are some questions often asked concerning those high-tech automatic kitty litter: You might be interested in this: best cat litter boxes on the market

Maybe. Automatic litter boxes will scoop the kitty poop into another compartment and then rake the rest of the litter to prevent cat urine from puddling up. You still need to eliminate the dirty litter every one or two weeks, and replace the used litter.
Cats tend to be quite finicky creatures. There’s a strong possibility that if you change their litter box, then you might need to go through the entire cat litter training procedure again.
A number of these self cleaning litter boxes also need specific kinds of litter to operate correctly, for example a particular new crystal cat litter or clumping cat litter. Can your cat use this kind of litter?
Additionally, be mindful that some cats absolutely refuse to use these automatic litter boxes. In the worst case, you might need to retrain your cat twice – once to utilize the automated apparatus, and once more to revert to the old manual litter box.
You might want to buy your litter box from a shop with a lenient return policy, particularly if you purchase one of those expensive versions. If your cat does not like the brand new litter box, at least you can return it.

2. I heard that automatic kitty litters are noisy and can frighten my cats off. Is this accurate?

It’s true that they tend to be noisy. Some people are sensitive to sound, particularly at nighttime. Depending on your noise tolerance and in which you put the box, this may disturb you. Frankly, that depends on your cat. Some cats are just fascinated with these items, and will never wish to use an ordinary litter box ever again.
Other cats require a while to get used to their automatic kitty litter boxes, and might want to experience litter training before they’ll use these new self cleaning litter boxes.
I have heard of accidents involving long haired cats, where they have caught in the device and become permanently scared of using any type of enclosed litter box ever again.

3. Just how long do self cleaning cat litter boxes continue? Can they get spoiled quickly?

This depends on your luck. There’s not any overall consensus on any specific brand that is much more reliable or less reliable than the remainder. Some individuals have used theirs for nearly a decade, while others had to return or throw off theirs in only a few weeks.
Someone did notice that the rectangular-shaped automatic cat litter generally have fewer problems in comparison with the round or other odd-shaped boxes.
Unfortunately, cost seems to have no regard to reliability.

best cat litter boxes on the market

4. What is the best cat litter to use with these automated litter boxes?

It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s directions. But, most need either crystal cat litter or clumping cat litter.
NB: Many owners find that the maker’s recommendations are wrong. If your litter box doesn’t operate nicely with the suggested litter, you might want to experiment with a different type before giving up.

5. The upkeep cost is expensive – how do I cut prices? Does it use a great deal of electricity?

Some older models may have had more electricity, but the newer versions are more efficient. You should not notice any substantial increase in your annual electric bill.
The major cost is in replacing the tray and the clutter. Most automatic cat litter boxes ask that you obtain a new tray using a few particular brand of kitty litter. They also use a less expensive brand of kitty litter, although adhering to the identical sort, e.g. if the recommended manufacturer is a crystal litter, they then use a more affordable crystal litter brand.
Someone noted that she utilized small trash bags to line the tray – that enabled her to re-use the tray more often.

As you can see, automated cat litter boxes are not for everybody. For the time being, there is no clear leader to recommend. If your cat has been litter trained, you should not make any changes.