10 Amazing Places in UK to Celebrate the Most Beautiful Christmas

Christmas is about to arrive, and the arrival of Christmas isn’t just concerned with just 25th of December, the planning, functioning, and celebrations begin from the early November itself. In the UK, Christmas is the only festival where families and friends who have been staying apart come together for a good time celebration.

Christmas also means a holiday break for so many people, but for those who cannot manage a Europe trip, they should feel lucky as people are literally craving to spend their Christmas holidays in the United Kingdom as this vibrant country has been a Christmas destination for embracing a cosy and fruitful Christmas time with friends, family and also for the little ones who are waiting with a wish list in hand, so help them find their Santa Claus.

Here are the 10 most amazing places for which you can look for best discounts online worth a visit to enjoy a wonderful time by the end of the year.

1)    Yorkshire North: If you love the idea of a simple Christmas celebration which isn’t that much simple but elegant then you must visit York, which has been attracting a number of visitors every year. It has a big Christmas tree surrounded by markets, museums and ice sculptures and snow as well, though the snow is fake and is put just for the ambience’s sake. The market area is the best place to buy a variety of gifts which are handcrafted and unique and are sold by so many vendors each offering something new than the other.

2)    Rochester, Kent: Who hasn’t heard of Charles Dickens, and Rochester was the last place where he has rested before his death. Christmas is known for Carol’s and Rochester celebrates Charles Dickens Christmas festival as an honour to Charles Dickens. The street is set into light with markets, modern decorations and performers and snow, of course, creating a fairy tale magical world of its own.

3)    London: The festival of light and sparkle comes alive during Christmas in the nation’s capital. The whole city is decorated as a big Christmas tree and a Santa Claus where everything is so energetic, lively and is full of good vibes and sweet greetings. You can listen to Christmas Carols in Trafalgar Square, outdoor ice skating or Ballet at the Royal Opera House or shop around at the Hyde Park.

4)    Take a train to the Scottish Highlands: It is time for you to take a break from your daily work-related slideshow and enjoy a slideshow full of natural beauty that mostly remains unseen or unnoticed. The train is not just a tedious train journey but is full of entertainment and food all related to one root and that is Christmas.

5)    Edinburgh: Scotland’s capital is full of Santa vibes and street lights that not only illuminate the market area and the beautiful city but also illuminates your mind and soul as you roam around the city to enjoy an ice skating or shopping experience.

6)    Aviemore: To enjoy ice skating on a real ice you surely need to visit Aviemore, a small town in Scotland which offers so many snow sports and a lot of snow to play with and capture for your memory book of a real Christmas celebration. This town organises a Parade of Santa and his reindeers which is merry and has fireworks too.

7)    Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire: In Sweden, live Christmas countdowns have been very popular, so this place in the UK that is Henley-on-Thames has adopted this idea of live Christmas countdowns wherein the door opens up for just thirty minutes, and a great show of poetry, comedy, play, choir and bands is performed.

8)    Underground Grotto: The world’s biggest underground place for a grand Christmas celebration for the kids is this place at Llechwedd Slate Caverns where the kids can jump and bounce for 15 minutes and get to meet the Santa and receive their share of gifts from him. They also put up magic shows and plays which can be viewed by families who need to walk from one cave to another to complete viewing the story.

9)    Fairytales at Stratford, London: This one is for the kids and also for matured men and women who are a kid at heart who need to take a 15-minute journey to rescue Little Red riding from the Big Bad Wolf along an abandoned house which has been decorated in a manner to add a feeling of fear with sound effects of animals and wind.

10)    Whin Park:A park full of fun filling and good playing equipment and free rides for the toddlers and little kids. It is decorated with cartoon characters, lots of lights and miniature railway stations and rails.

There are so many other places to look forward to, but the above-mentioned places are surely the best for all generations be it kids, their mom’s or father’s, a newly married or an unmarked couple, or for a bunch of crazy friends. All up to your need and company and for the best of your short time.