Coroplast, Corrogated Plastic Signs

Hate, unchecked, can make neighbors feel fearful and unwelcome in their own communities. We have built our business around the needs of political candidates and campaign organizers, specializing in durable, high quality political signs, yard signs, lawn signs, polybag signs, double sided yard signs, corrugated plastic signs , large corrugated plastic signs and the widest assortment of campaign promotions, including election pens and pencils , labels , buttons , emery boards , banners , bumper stickers and magnetic bumper stickers plus many more items.

Some political consultants, such as David Mowery of Mowery Consulting Group, aren’t convinced. They’re a reminder that, whatever trends come and go in mainstream political design, the stuff on the fringes will generally remain the same, year after year, for better or for worse.YARD SIGNS

If you need a long-lasting monument or pylon sign to help visitors find you in a sea of office buildings, we’ll work with you to craft it. Or, maybe you’re looking for a temporary solution to attract new tenants or drive business to a semi-annual promotion.

Notwithstanding, our recommendation is that if you intend to have your signs cut that you order yard signs with very basic shapes. You can also attach your signs to rigid substrates using washers and screws, prop it on a shelf or countertop or add grommets and install them with string or rope.

You can pass block after block and see dozens of signs for Diane Hofstede or Ty Moore or Abdi Warsame, and not see a single sign for Andrew, Betsy Hodges, or Don Samuels, or any of the other mayoral hopefuls. Lawn and yard signs are great for real estate, political campaigns, small businesses, community awareness and event information.

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